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UIM RESTMon starter guide.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Thinking of creating a custom probe to monitor something via REST, this will provide the info to get started. 


Release : 20.4



Here is the main page for RESTMon:
Monitor Technologies Using RESTMon

It links to this page which has the steps to use RESTMon. 
Monitor Technologies Using RESTmon Probe

Sample json files are in
It is a standard zip, download to your laptop and extract, it will not import into the archive. 

Helpful websites for working with json:
put code in json, enter sample code in extraction query

It is highly recommended that all work be done in your development environment and only after you are sure it's good import it into production. 

This YouTube video has a very good explanation of RESTMon although it is for RESTMon in general and not specific to UIM.

This KB explains it from the perspective of the UIM Admin:
Basic restmon configuration
Article Id: 219068
This KB will be for the developer:
DX RESTMon Schema Development Guide
Article Id: 216284

Additional Information

Additional KB docs:

Example restmon probe connection to an endpoint that requires bearer authentication
Article Id: 218100

How to generate change_events using RE
Article Id: 220058