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Alert Central installation asks for 2 certificates information during installation. Can they be in the same file?


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


The Alert Central installation script requests:

"Enter the path to the PKCS12 keystore containing the Alert Central private key/certificate pair (Required).
Keystora file path:"

And later:

"Enter the path to the PKS12 truststore containing the trusted APL ML root CA certificates (Required):

Truststore file path:"

Can the private key/certificate pair and the trusted API ML root CA Certificate be in the same file for Alert Central installation?


Release : 14.0

Component : Alert Central


It is possible to use the same PKCS12 file as both keystore and trustore for the installation purposes.

Assuming the PKCS12 file you are getting from your internal Certification Authority does include the signed certificate with full certificate chain and the trusted certificates as well (and as far as I understood yesterday, it does). Then the most straightforward procedure for the installation is the following:

1. Start the installation and proceed as usual

2. When asked to specify keystore and trustore during the installation. In both cases point to the PKCS12 file you got from your internal Certification Authority.

3. When asked about supplying a third party signed certificate, choose to skip this step.