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VNA Viptela - Spectrum Integration - No Clears for alarms


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CA Virtual Network Assurance CA Spectrum


We're running VNA 21.2.8 together with spectrum 21.2.8 to get alarms from the viptela vmanage.  What we currently notice is that there are no clears for these alarms. The events are not defined in spectrum either.  Is this because of a technical limitation? Or is this a work in progress?

For example: 
Event 673025b All OMP connections to vSmart controllers from all nodes in the site are in the Down state.  Once these are up again, there is no clear in spectrum.  The same goes for the other events/alarms in the 673025 range. No clears to be found either.


Release : 21.2

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Spectrum


a grep on the event in the CsVendir folder is the best way to find how an alarm is cleared, as follows:

/Spectrum/SS/CsVendor/ $ grep -r 673025b .

according to the result, 673025b and others in the same range should be cleared by 0x673000d 

\Spectrum\SS\CsVendor\SDN\eventDisp line 1114

0x673000d .........

0x6730259,143,141 C 0x673025a,143,141 C 0x673025b,143,141 

this can be verified in event config editor.