Need to get details for clear alarms via UIM API in UIM 20.4
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Need to get details for clear alarms via UIM API in UIM 20.4


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We need to get all alarms from CAUIM to service-now ITOM. We tried to use the API from swagger page but unable to get the clear alarms. Kindly suggest how we can achieve to get all alarms from CAUIM to service now, including the clear alarms.


Component : UIM - SDGTW

UIM 20.4


- not currently supported


The usual/recommended approach is to use the sdgtw probe.

Please refer to the tech docs for the sdgtw probe:

sdgtw (Service Desk Gateway) Release Notes

Tested using the uimapi but its not supported so this would constitute an enhancement.

The API queries against the nas_alarms table but not the transaction tables. So the UIMAPI would require an enhancement to support calls that include clear alarms, e.g., <level>0</level>.

All other severity levels are supported.

GET/alarms/summary -> Returns a summary count for each category of UIM Alarm, thats about it, close but I dont think that's what your asking for.

POST/alarms returns a list of UIM Alarms allowing for complex filter criteria.

for 'level' you use the number not the name and you need the time.

  "level": "4",
  "timeArrival": "2022-05-17T13:17:23.400Z",
  "timeLast": "2022-06-17T13:17:23.400Z",
   "visible": true

The uimapi alarm summary call only provides alarm summary 'counts'

Here is a sample output from the get alarms summary.


- you can check and see that the nas_transaction_log contains the clear alarms (level = 0)
- clear alarms never get inserted into nas_alarms, they go right in to the nas_transaction_log
- bottom line is you can't get clear alarms via uimapi right now

So an enhancement would be required.

Additional Information

How to raise an enhancement request for DX UIM