SAP jobs not running after AutoSys Agent upgrade
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SAP jobs not running after AutoSys Agent upgrade


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Workload Automation Agent CA Workload Automation DE - Business Agents (dSeries) CA Workload Automation AE - Business Agents (AutoSys)


After upgrading to AutoSys R12, all SAP jobs are not running. We use SAP load balancer.

[06/16/2022 11:55:04]     CAUAJM_I_40245 EVENT: CHANGE_STATUS    STATUS: FAILURE         JOB: SOME_SAP_JOB MACHINE: AGENT     EXITCODE:  1202
[06/16/2022 11:55:04]     <Not Connected - Exception 102 JCO_ERROR_COMMUNICATION: Connect to message server on host failed   connection parameters: TYPE=B DESTINATION=SAP:001:EN:SAP123 R3NAME=SAP_123>

We already installed the Java connector and SAP plugin according to



Release : 12.0

Component : Workload Automation AE Agent for SAP


Update the services file located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc with the proper communication details of your SAP load balancer to enable connectivity for load balancing.