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Data Collection is not happening through Restmon service after adding the datadog profile and schema


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DX Operational Intelligence


We have deployed the RestMon service on a VM and added the datadog profile and schemas as mentioned in the documentation for sending the data/metrics to the OI SaaS

We can see few host details got updated in the inventory in the OI SaaS but not any metrics/data related to Datadog. 

Also validated the "validatedata"  API call from swagger , it does gave me the response as "Data collection not happening.


Release : 21.3

Component : CA DOI RESTMON


Allow RESTMon to run for some more time. As per the logs could see the metrics data as well is ingested successfully. As there are only 3 runs that got completed, the might not have populated in metrics UI. Please let this run for at least 5 runs and check again. After more runs now seeing some metrics getting reported into OI SaaS. The "validatedata"  API call from swagger is only for some debugging and checks if the file exists or not. It does not help in debugging the schema execution.