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Legacy Classic UI Grid view portlet rounding on Totals is not accurate


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Grid view portlet rounding on Totals is not accurate. 

Steps to Reproduce:  

  1. Define an NSQL Query that would pull back numbers with decimals using round() on METRIC portion of the query 
  2. Include this in a portlet 
  3. Include the portlet in a portlet page 
  4. Add the portlet page to a view 

Expected Results: Totals are accurate when using round() or trunc(). 

Actual Results: Totals are significantly different than when not using round(). 


Release : 16.0.2

Component : Clarity Studio


DE65457 was determined to be 'Works as Designed'. 

In the NSQL query look for another round section in the query 
To be more accurate, we would suggest using the latter: 
The next step is the Totals Aggregation in the UI
This is performing a calculation for the presentation layer 
The Sum capability is limited here. 
It does not let us round in the presentation layer for the Totals. 
For this part, we would need an enhancement to allow to round to 2 places.  
This would be the ideal solution and the most accurate. 
To display the most accurate result, we suggest using 
ROUND(SUM(adj_pipe),5).  However, we are limited in we cannot bring down the display to 2 places.