Can the Project ID on a Project be Changed?
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Can the Project ID on a Project be Changed?


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Due to organization merging with another company, we have to change the Project ID on some Projects. Can you please tell me if this is allowed?  


Release :All supported releases

Component : Clarity PPM


As long as you are not using Auto Numbering for the Project ID (Project Object->Attributes->Project ID->Auto Numbering), and as long as no financial transactions have been posted, then yes you can go into the project properties and update the Project ID. 

If Auto Numbering is being used, then the Project ID cannot be changed, and we do not support changing it when Auto-numbering option is used due to data integrity issues that would arise. If any transactions have been posted, the field will appear as read only in the classic UI, and in Modern UX if you attempt to modify the project ID you'll receive the message: PRJ-07540: Project code cannot be changed when transactions have been posted.