Capture PCTwiz personality to remote server in Deployment Solution
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Capture PCTwiz personality to remote server in Deployment Solution


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Deployment Solution


Customer has a need to capture PCT packages to a remote file server rather than saving in the default managed location in the console


Capture Personality task in the ITMS console doesn't have an option to save personalities to a custom location or file server. This is by design because DS manages these packages with a GUID in a default location.


It is possible to capture a Personality to a file server with PCTwiz.exe and scripting.

The script only works if run as a local or domain administrator. The script also requires credentials to connect to the PCT client share on the SMP as well as credentials for the remote file server.

The script also requires copying the PCT client share down to the client where the Personality is captured.

With testing we have determined this works best when using English based templates only.

This script is provided as is as an example only. Technical Support is unable to modify the script for specific use cases and it should be used at your own risk.

Here is an example we have tested that has worked for capturing all domain users profiles. A Template must be created with required capture settings prior to using this (replace default.pbt below with actual template file).

This script attempts to capture all domain users. "-user:domain\*" should be updated to reflect the actual domain name. Alternatively you could collect all local users with .\* or specify a user explicitly 

REM copy PCT files directly from NS PCT Client share to the client
net use P: \\SMP.FQDN\NSSWD_{ba15c998-f664-4a84-84df-cf7c6e028eef}$ /user:domain\user password
XCOPY /E /Y /R /Q /h "P:\" "%Temp%\PCT_src\"
REM Capture PCT silently with logging, non-SFX
cd "%Temp%\PCT_src\"
start /b /w "Capturing Personality" PCTWiz.exe -p:"%Temp%\PCT_src\EN\Default.pbt" -user:domain\* -f:"%Temp%\AllDomain.exe";1 -qm -errorlevel:3 -errorlog:"%Temp%\PCTWiz.log"
REM upload captured PCT package to a network share
net use S: \\server\share /user:domain\user password
copy "%Temp%\AllDomain.*" S:\