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RAJ - Rally Adapter for Jira - Adapter crashed after upgrading to a new version


Article ID: 244031


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


After upgrading the Rally Adapter for Jira, we found out that the disk space was full after all the reactions the DB pod ran out of space because of the amount that came in the short amount of time.  



Release : SAAS

Component : Jira Adapter


To bring it back up, it will be necessary to delete one of the bin logs to free up some space.  The permanent fix is to upgrade the storage capacity from 8 Gi to 16Gi for the PVC. 

It will also be necessary to do the following:

  1. Have a regular backup (snapshot) process in place - (after setting stopProcessing to 1 & letting the flows complete their processing)
  2. Enable dataPurgeRetentionInMonths - this will purge records from reaction/catalyst tables with summary information captured in  errors_archive and reactions_archive tables for any period older than the value set in this field.