Device context discovery uses same name as primary device when manual context discovery used
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Device context discovery uses same name as primary device when manual context discovery used


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Device context discovery used the same name as the primary device when manual context discovery used

This should use the naming [email protected]

Additionally, we can only see one device in the DX Netops Portal


Release : 21.2, 22.2

Component : PM Discovery


Defect: DE538171


This issue is fixed in DX Netops Performance Management 22.2.1 and later:

Symptom: The name of the subsystem context name was initially set to [email protected] If the MIB object of sysDescr is not empty on a subsystem context name, the subsystem item's name is reset to sysDescr during the inventory discovery. It was found that the sysDescr of the physical parent device and the subsystems can be the same, which results in the same name on multiple device items.
Resolution: With this fix, the name convention of the subsystem devices context name has been changed from [email protected] to [email protected], and the name is no longer updated in the inventory discovery.
(22.2.1, DE538171, 33143338)

Additional Information


As a workaround the "context" device can be renamed as follows:

curl -kv -X PUT -H "Content-type: application/xml" -uadmin:[PASSWORD] -d'<Device version="1.0.0"><Item version="1.0.0"><Name>[CONTEXT]@[DEVICENAME]</Name></Item></Device>' http://[DA]:8581/rest/devices/[ItemID from DA Device Admin Page]

Replace [PASSWORD] with the web admin user password
Replace [NAME} with the device name
Replace [context] with the SNMPv3 context name used.
Replace [DA] with the hostname or IP of the Data Aggregator
Replace [ItemID from DA Device Admin Page] with the Item ID of the device being renamed from the DA Device Admin page
Adjust the port and protocol in the URL as needed if the Data Aggregator is running https.


curl -kv -X PUT -H "Content-type: application/xml" -uadmin:password -d'<Device version="1.0.0"><Item version="1.0.0"><Name>[email protected]</Name></Item></Device>' http://dahostname:8581/rest/devices/9999999

Where 9999999 would be the DA Item ID of the device from the Data Aggregator Device Admin page.

The port and protocol for the Data Aggregator will need to be adjusted if you are using https on the DA.