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Refresh issue with the details fly-out in the To Do's workspace


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Clarity users are updating MUX To Do's on a daily basis and the updates seem to go to the wrong To Do record. 

Many users are updating MUX To Do's on a daily basis and the updates go to the wrong To Do record and/or the possibility exists for destruction of data.

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Load a TO DO list from the TO DO's module (left hand menu) 
  2. Select a TO DO, and display it in the detail fly-out 
  3. Make a change to a To Do record via the fly-out 
  4. Click on another To Do record 

Expected Results: After making change in To DO record and switch to new record you see the new To Do record in the detail fly-out. 

Actual Results: You flip back to the prior record and no longer updating the record you think you are, and not sure which record you are editing. In some cases it appears the edits go to the new record despite the display; in other cases, it updates the prior record. 


Release : 16.0.2

Component : Clarity MUX UI Usability


DE65456 - This issue is reproducible when we have large strings in the details fly-out and when switching between records, the large string attribute is not refreshed accordingly. 


Engineering reviewed DE65456. The issue is resolved and the resolution will be available as part of Clarity 16.1.0.

Additional Information

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