Installing & Mapping MIBs into Spectrum
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Installing & Mapping MIBs into Spectrum


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CA Spectrum



Following the link below to your documentation,
I loaded an IBM MIB into MIB Tools.  From the MIBs Tool, through the "Map" tab, I see the attributes and the traps that you can map within that MIB.
OID is NOT in Trap Support so I cannot map it.  It is in Attribute Support.  What am I missing?

Trap Support for MIB Objects


Release : 20.2, 21.2

Component : Spectrum OneClick


In this case, in the 0x10802 unknown event message, the Trap in question is seen as


* Spectrum converts traps to v1 and for this trap, we see enterprise and subtype 6 2. With v2c & v3 the enterprise type is 0 ( so 0 2).

When we check the STERLING-MIB2 Mib (manually imported) we can see the trap maps to processStepEnd