SSL Visibility license expiration behavior
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SSL Visibility license expiration behavior


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SV-1800 SV-2800 SV-3800 SV-800 SV-S550


The SSLV license has expired and you want to know if the SSLV will continue to operate.


Any current, active licenses appear in the License panel.


If you are showing a perpetual license for the SSLv Appliance within the license page, then your hardware license will not expire.  This means the box will continue to operate even though your support contract may have expired.  If the support contract expires, your may not receive support for your SSLv Appliance.

If your Host Categorization license expires, Host Categorization will stop working.  Host Categorization is a subscription service so it is critical to renew it when you receive notification it will expire.

When the license on your SSL Visibility expires the following will happen:

If you do not have a current SSL Visibility appliance license, you will not be able to fully activate inspection policy.


Additional Information

Licensing details are available in the System Log (Monitor System Log Entries):
If a valid license is present and not expiring within 90 days, no system log message displays.
If a valid license is present but expiring within 30 to 90 days, an INFO message displays.
If a valid license is expiring within 30 days, a WARNING message displays.
If no valid license is present, or the existing license has expired, an ERROR message displays.
License status can also be viewed on the physical LCD screen, and on the header at the top of the WebUI.