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Error: No license was found for license id


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ISG Proxy


Hello Team,

The customer is seeing the error mentioned in the title when trying to install the application using image ProxySG_7.3.8.1-273266.bcsi

The command used is:
localhost(config-applications)# create sg ProxySG license-id 0035991700 image-id sg- model C16XS

localhost# show version
ISG release (265086)
Serial number: 3920700021
NIC 0 MAC: 74fe4855827a

localhost(config-images)# view
Image ID                  Size       Type     Version        Release ID   In Use
------------------------- ---------- -------- -------------- ------------ --------
sg-         154 MB     SG        273266       0


Please be informed that the error points to an uninstalled license, for the Proxy application. To have the license installed, please follow the guidance below.

Before installing your license, ensure you have your license ID available. For information on locating your license ID, see the guidance in the snippet below.

License Install Steps:

After installing the license, repeat the process to create the application. Please note that installing the application license precedes the install of an application image and the creation of the application. Put in another way, you install the application license, then install the application image, before creating the application.

If you believe the correct order was followed, please share the snippets of the outputs, from the respective verification commands, with Technical Support, for further investigation..