AGENTDOWN: Name or service not known
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AGENTDOWN: Name or service not known


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CA Workload Automation DE


We are experiencing intermittent AGENTDOWN status messages for Apps on multiple ESP agents. When this happens we see the following exceptions in the scheduling server's logs: 

20220513 17:46:01.789 [essential] [ERROR] DM.OutputMessageQueue.<agent_name>: [2022-05-13_17:46:01.789] Exception: <agent_hostname>: Name or service not known^M <agent_hostname>: Name or service not known



Release : 12.3

Component : ESP dSeries Workload Automation DE


This is the result of DNS queries, sent by the dSeries scheduling server, that are responded to by DNS with problems. For example: 

  • Server failure; or
  • No such name


There are 2 options for fixing these problems. 

  • Work with your teams to address the DNS problems
    • This wireshark filter may help: dns.flags.rcode != 0
  • On the dSeries scheduling server, add an entry in its hosts file with the ip/hostname of the agent machines that DNS intermittently has problems resolving.