Question regarding EXCP counts for CA7 Web Client Task
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Question regarding EXCP counts for CA7 Web Client Task


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CA 7 Workload Automation


I am researching what appears to be a rather large EXCP count on the started task for the CA7 Web Client Interface. The task has been up for 16 days and has logged 300 million EXCP's. If this is not normal, what do we need to collect to understand what is driving the EXCP's?


Release : 12.1

Component : CA 7


We have seen the EXCP count continually rise even when no one using the Web Client application.
In a roughly 14 hour period where no one was on it we see 10.6M EXCPs. We also see CPU time go
up when no one is on.  However, when we run the Web Client under Windows we see there is no 
CPU usage when on one is using it.

If your spool viewing product (Sysview, SDSF, etc) allows you to see the subtasks, check out
all the different TCBs under the Web Client job.  Note they are under the JVMLDM86. 
If you just hit your refresh key you will note the CPU time increasing even when
no one is on the Web Client.  So basically much of the CPU time and IO you see is under the  
JZOS Batch Launcher, not our actual code.

If more information on what the JZOS Batch Launcher does is needed you would need to open an issue with IBM.