Missing z/OS console msgs at IPL time
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Missing z/OS console msgs at IPL time


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Automation Point


We noticed automation point never responded to msg: 

22096 09:19:49.27        *30 $HASP441 REPLY 'Y' TO CONTINUE I
                                     RESPONSE TO MESSAGE HASP478        

We saw a GAP in the AP HOSLOG of about 1 min 5 seconds  - During this time, AP never saw the $HASP441 msg to repy to.

I have attached AP logs for IPLs for 4/6 and 4/2.  4/2 has a GAP (loss of mainframe msgs) of about 34 seconds.

Both logs seem to stop collecting after msg:CEE3739I LANGUAGE ENVIRONMENT INITIALIZATION COMPLETE

1. What may be causing the loss of messages not getting to AP?

2. From the start of the IPL to the CEE3729I, the MVS time seems to reflect the AP time in the log.  After the CEE3729I, the AP time is listed along with the Mainframe Time.  Why isn't the mainframe time reflected prior to CEE3729I



Release : 11.6

Component : Automation Point


In Configuration Manager under Expert Interface => Automation => Session Definition Sets, and then double clicking on the session definition having the issue, and then clicking the Customize Session Settings button, followed by clicking the Advanced button, it was discovered that:

1. The Automation Point Typing Speed Delay had been changed from the default value of 4 milliseconds to 10 milliseconds.

2. The Send Delay had been changed from the default value of 100 centiseconds to 500 centiseconds.

The following display shows the default values on the left and the modified values on the right:

Increasing those field values from the defaults can cause the reported delays and messages to be missed as a result. 



Changing the values for the Automation Point Typing Speed Delay and Send Delay back to the default values of 4 milliseconds and 100 centiseconds respectively resolved the problem of messages being missed in AP during an IPL.