How to know if the Transformers are in use with Spool 12.0?
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How to know if the Transformers are in use with Spool 12.0?


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I'm in the process of upgrading from SPOOL 12.0 to 14.0.  I noticed one of the datasets that coded before in the startup proc no longer exists and after looking into that dataset (prefix.CSARLOAD) it appears it was used for AFP print conversion.  It looks like with SPOOL 14.0 you have to use Java Transformer or this conversion. 

1) Is this library prefix.CSARLOAD still required?

2) Is SPOOL Java transformers included with the SPOOL license ? 

3) Is there an easy way to find out if we are currently using AFP conversion with SPOOL 12.0 ?



Release : 14.0

Component : Spool


Answering your questions:

1) The library prefix.CSARLOAD was used by the C Transformers and is not required with Spool 14.0 and the Java Transformers

2) The Transformers are a separately licensed and charged product from the Spool base license.

3) Yes, you can look for some parameter definitions and messages. For example:

  - search your DEFNODE and NODE definitions if you have the keyword TRANSFRM=A2PC (or A2PD or A2PS). The keyword can also be USERPARM=A2PC (or A2PD or A2PS)

 - to see if you have a Transformers license look for messages like below at Spool startup:

ESF719  CA Spool  A2Px   option enabled 

- to check if the Transformers are effectively in use search in the ESFLOG for messages like below:

ESF4110 File   nnnn queued for A2Px Transformation 

If you don't see any of the above evidences you can safely assume you are not using the Transformers with Spool 12.0