Tabbing on Cost Plan Changes Cost Values
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Tabbing on Cost Plan Changes Cost Values


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In the MUX, when tabbing on a Cost Plan to the "Totals" field, the values for all the individual months gets changed


1. Ensure that Financial information is configured, and monthly time periods are associated to the Entity. 
2. Log into the MUX. Open a Project, ensure the Project is configured with the Financial information enabled.
3. Go to the Financials tab, go to "Cost Plans" and create a new plan that covers a several month timeframe. Use "Cost Type" as the Grouping. Open the Plan to view the details.
4. Make sure the Totals\Cost attribute displays
5. Select the Cost for the first month, populate the values. Tab to the next month, populate a different value. Tab through all months and populate different values.
6. Finally tab to the Totals Cost, change nothing, tab off the field.

Expected Results: 

All values should be maintained as originally defined

Actual Results:

The Cost values get changed to be more equal, which is wrong.

This problem does not occur if you click on the Total Costs and click off, it seems specific to tabbing.


Release : 16.0.2

Component : Clarity MUX UI Usability


This is DE65444, fixed in 16.0.3

Additional Information

The fix created for DE65301  also corrects this issue.