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Running into issues while deploying the DX RESTMon on a VM for integrating into OI SaaS


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DX Operational Intelligence


We are trying to integrate our 3rd party data sources(Splunk, DataDog etc) into DX OI SaaS using RESTMon. We do not see "DX RESTMon" on the downloads page in the SaaS instance. So we downloaded the "RESTMon 2.2" version from support center and started installing the RESTMon on a  LINUX VM. 

As we go through this documentation, we don't see a clear instructions on updating the "Oiconnection details" in Restmon.json.

Does the RESTMon downloaded from support center also supports integration with SaaS? If yes, need some guidance or assistance in deploying this.


Release : 21.3

Component : CA DOI RESTMON


We have now dx restmon available on DX SAAS. After you login to DX SAAS, go to settings -> download. You should see the dx restmon package available.

Update the restmon.json with DX SAAS OI tenant token, COHORT_ID and INGESTION_API end point.

started the restmon with command: heap:1024m