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Audit Services Data Output Filter stuck on "CL All-Services"


Article ID: 243931


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CASB Audit CASB Security Advanced CASB Security Premium CASB Security Standard


Audit Services Data Output.

A CASB Audit Admin user is receiving different Audit Services Data Output from other Audit Admin users with the same Admin User Access Profile.

The only difference in settings that has been identified is a filter that automatically populates when the user clicks on Audit / Services.

The filter CL - All Services.


Admin User with the filter "CL - All Services" has set that as a default under the Audit / "Configure" drop down menu.


Users can adjust their default view of Services under the Audit Configure drop down option:

User can select "All Services" then click "Make Default"  or if it is already set - click on "Reset" to remove "All Services" selection