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Replication status on MC shows as Unknown Unknown after cluster upgrade to PAM 4.1


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Replication status on the Management Console (MC) shows as "Unknown Unkown" on primary site cluster nodes after upgrade to 4.1, while other columns show correct information. Our MC has not been upgraded yet.


Release : 4.1

Component :


This is observed on Management Consoles running 3.4.X PAM maintenance release, i.e. in cases where the MC itself has not been upgraded to 4.1 yet. There was a problem with a version check that caused data from the new release to be interpreted as if it was a pre-3.3 release, which in turn caused a failure to retrieve the replication status from the newer data structure.


This problem is fixed in Management Console code in PAM 4.1. Upgrade of your MC to 4.1 should resolve this problem.

Additional Information

Note that you may have a separate problem, where none of the columns show correct information. See KB 243164 for details on that problem.