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The new installed Dollar Universe node is failing to start: Error -1 during IO X initialization for handshake/authentication


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


During the installation of the node, it get stuck during the UVMS registration.


You have to register on a UniViewer Management Server (UVMS), this can be done later but this is not recommended.
Do you want to register to the UVMS now              [y] : y


UVMS registration information:
UniViewer Management Server hostname                 : WPW-BTA


UniViewer Management Server port number              [4184] : 4184


UniViewer Management Server administrator login ID   [admin] : admin


UniViewer Management Server administrator password   :
Password saved in file /tmp/cpf_1542749


executing command :
./unims -connectclear -login admin -pwdfile /tmp/cpf_1542749 -mshost WPW-BTA -msport 4184



In the universe.log, the error message shows up. This means that the phrase.key could be corrupted.

| 2022-06-14 02:51:09 |ERROR|X|IO |pid=3032225.140580562386688| k_initSrvHandshake | error during passphrase initialization

| 2022-06-14 02:51:09 |ERROR|X|IO |pid=3032225.140580562386688| o_ouv_serv | Error -1 during IO X initialization for handshake/authentication

| 2022-06-14 02:51:09 |FATAL|X|IO |pid=3032225.140580562386688| u_io_srv_main | Error opening IO server X service

| 2022-06-14 02:51:09 |ERROR|X|IO |pid=3032225.140580562386688| u_io_srv_main | COM Error 0: ,





Release : 6.10

Component :


-From your UVC -> please delete the entry of the US node that you just installed.

-Backup and remove the phrase.key located in the root directory of the $U node.

-Re-register the node from the command line 

. ./unienv

-Then, from the $U's bin directory, execute the command below. Please make sure to replace all the parameters within <UVMS hostname>, <UVMS port>, <UVMS admin user> and <UVMS admin user>

./unims -register -mshost <UVMS hostname> -msport <UVMS port> -login <UVMS admin user> -pwd <UVMS admin user>


-Then, start $U node