XOG out/in resets autonumbering sequence
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XOG out/in resets autonumbering sequence


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Performing a XOG read / write operation on a custom object resets the current autonumbering sequence.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new custom object.
  2. Edit the ID attribute to make it autonumbered attribute.
  3. Make one of the Autonumbering segments a Numeric counter starting by "00000001".
  4. Create a few instances of the custom objects and confirm the counter is increased.
  5. Check the ID next number (e.g.: 00000009).
  6. XOG out the custom object using custom_object_read.xml.
  7. Without modifying anything on the output, use it as XOG input.

Expected Results: Autonumbering sequence is not changed.

Actual Results: Autonumber sequence has been reset back to the starting number.


Release : 15.9.1

Component : Clarity XOG and REST API


Workaround: Remove the <autonumbering> section from the XOG input.

This issue is just a display issue and does not affect new instances created with autonumbering, and the sequence will also be correctly displayed after the next instance is created.