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Task timeline: Dates not in sync if subproject is below a parent project task


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


When extending a subproject task finish date, the dates not get extended across the WBS if the subproject is below a master project Summary Task. 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a Project in MUX: my master Project 
  2. Create a task: master task (a Summary Task on the Master Project) 
  3. Create a second project: my child project 
  4. Create a task: child task 
  5. Go to the “my master project” tasks tab 
  6. On the Timeline view > Actions menu > Add Subprojects 
  7. Add the “my child project” as a subproject 
  8. Move the subproject below the parent project task 
  9. Notice the Start and Finish Dates are in sync 
  10. Change the Finish Date of the child's task to the future 

Expected Results: The subproject and master project Finish Dates to be updated accordingly. 

Actual Results: The subproject Finish Date is updated accordingly. But the Master project Summary Task Finish date is not updated. 



Clarity 16.0.2




DE65434 is under review by Engineering

Workaround: Outdent the subproject from the master task. Indent it again afterward. This will force the dates of the Master Project's Summary Task to sync the dates for the subproject below within the WBS.