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REGION and MEMLIMIT for the Endevor Web Services Spawn Task


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)


What is the recommended REGION and MEMLIMIT setting for the Endevor Web Services spawns ? Would MEMLIMIT be needed for this type of started task?




Release : 18.1

Component : Endevor Software Change Manager


According to CSIQJCL(WSEWSSTC) - the sample Endevor web services spawn task JCL

//         PARM='BC1PAPI0',          
//         DYNAMNBR=1500,REGION=7M   

REGION=7M is adequate to handle most situations, Broadcom recommand use 7M as the starting point for spawn task JCL EXEC region.   

The MEMLIMIT default is 2 GB, set in SMFPRMxx (for ZOS higher than V1R10), usually there is no need to specify MEMLIMIT in the spawn task JCL, spawn task will use the system default.  

In case 7M is not enough, consider specify REGION=0M on the job statement in JCL to implicitly set MEMLIMIT to NOLIMIT, which also overrides the system default (from SMFPRMxx).

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