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Azure SFTP DE job Failing with Error "Common Algorithms not found"


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CA Workload Automation DE


We got a new job configured as SFTP in our 12.3 WLA named "FTP_JOB_TO_TEST" but it won't run after so many changes and configurations let me know of any additional thing required.

Failing with Error "Common Algorithms not found"


Release : 12.3

Component : System Agent R12 Onwards


Along with below settings should be matched with incoming algorithms from remote server

security.ssh.ciphers=<list of ciphers to use>

security.ssh.macs=<list of MACs to use>

Apply below patch to support KEXalgorithms

Unzip patch

Replace agent.jar in C:\Program Files\CA\WA Agent\jars and sinetfactory.jar in C:\Program Files\CA\WA Agent\jars\ext folder

set "security.ssh.KEXAlgorithms" in agentparm.txt file to matching algorithms from remote server

Restart agent service.

Note: Matching algorithms could be found in agent log ftp plugin log file otherwise set scp debug mode to true in agentparm that helps in finding scp_debug.log will tell which algorithms are not matching.


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