MOI new ADE Machine Learning ISO Installation Process for Customer Validation
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MOI new ADE Machine Learning ISO Installation Process for Customer Validation


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Mainframe Operational Intelligence


The latest MOI Machine Learning algorithm, ADE, is available for VALIDATION testing only.   Due to KD attachment size restrictions, the ADE ML ISO file will have to be requested from Broadcom Support preferably through a

Support Case.  The ADE configuration script is attached to this Case for your download. Links to the prerequisites and installation steps documentation are included in the Resolution section below for your



Release : 2.1  ADE ML Validation 



Steps for Installing MOI 2.1 with the new Machine Learning ADE algorithm: 

  1. Ensure prerequisites are fulfilled
  2. Contact MOI Support or open a Support Case to request the MOI 2.1 ISO file for use with the new ADE ML Validation.    Once it has been provided via a Support Case,  download the 6GB+ ISO file, DVD001-99.9.99-202205231500.x86_64.microservices.iso,  to your MOI appliance. 
  3. Optional: Copy data from an existing MOI System to get a head start on the machine learning
  4. Download the attached configuration script, to your MOI appliance and run the script to configure the new ADE ML
      • sh
  5. Complete the iso installation process per the link below 

          Note: This validation ADE ML drop will work with the default alarmSuppressor.csv file.  Contact MOI Support if you would like to work with a more extensive alarmSuppressor.csv file. 


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