Creating API Access Tokens for issuing API calls.
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Creating API Access Tokens for issuing API calls.


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AppNeta DX NetOps


How do I use AppNeta's API?  I can no longer log in using basic authentication.



As of AppNeta SaaS 15.10.0 (May 30, 2022), access to our API using basic authentication has been removed. 

To use API, you'll need to create Access Tokens for you users accounts.

Details of the release notes from 15.10 can be found here:


API Access Tokens can be used to Access the AppNeta API.  In order to create the Access Tokens

1.  Click the Gear Icon  > Manage Access Tokens.

2.  Click Create Token.

3.  Enter the details for the Token:

- Token name can be a descriptive name that includes spaces
- Specify an expiration date (or check Never )
- The token is revoked automatically at expiration
- In the Role section, specify the permissions for the token (less than or equal to the user's permissions)
- In the Organization Membership section, check Use dynamic membership if you want the token to access any organizations the user has access to now and in the future (as new organizations are added or removed) or choose select organizations.

When ready, click Create Token.

4.  Copy the token and save it. Important: It will not appear again.  We recommend storing the token safely.
5.  Click Finished.

Additional Information

There are a few limitations to be aware of:
- Token generation is available to all users except those with custom roles.
- Token permissions are less than or equal to those of the user that created it.
- A token cannot be modified once it is created. You must revoke it then create a new one.
- If the user that created a token is deleted from AppNeta, any tokens they created are immediately revoked.
- Tokens should be available immediately after being created


Additionally details can be found here: