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upgrading the Agent to version 12


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Workload Automation Agent


We are upgrading the Autosys agent to 12 on linux machine, however we are getting below error message while upgrading the agent.

Current Agent version: R11.3 SP4 

Errormessage: libjvm.sopreloadLibrary(/opt/ca_tmp/install.dir.15053/Linux/resource/jre/lib/amd64/compressedrefs/ /opt/ca_tmp/install.dir.15053/Linux/resource/jre/lib/amd64/compressedrefs/ ELF file OS ABI invalid failed to load: j9vm29


Release : 12.0

Component : Workload Automation System Agent


The encountered problem is related to the Operating System compatibility.

The Agent version 12.0 is Not compatible with the Linux Red Hat 5 version which is very old.

The recommended solution is to upgrade the Linux Red Hat version to one of the latest 7.x or 8.x versions.

 Otherwise, for compatibility with Red Hat 5 version, you can install the 11.4 SP1 version of the Agent.

You can download the 11.4 SP1 version of the Agent for your installation under the following location :

CA Workload Automation System Agent 11.4 SP1 WASYSAGT114SP1.iso