Remote User field shows the local user instead
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Remote User field shows the local user instead


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


On DSM Explorer, under Remote Control -> Previous Sessions, there is a field called "Remote User", which based on the name of the field and what is shown on the documentation, it should show the user on the Host machine:

Documentation: Remote Control Node

But what is actually shown is the local user who started the RC session on the RC Viewer machine:


Client Automation 14.x


Based on what was discussed internally by L2 team, the problem with the field "Remote User" is not with the functionality, but with the actual name of the field. From how RC works underneath, this field will always return the user who is starting the RC session, not the user who accepted it on the RC Host. This is a visual issue on DSM Explorer when it was compiled.

Both issues, the name of the field in DSM Explorer and also the documentation should be resolved on CU4 (on top of 14.5) as a way to reflect what the field actually shows.