How to suppress the monitoring for a specific CICS transactions and display on the CTASKS screen
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How to suppress the monitoring for a specific CICS transactions and display on the CTASKS screen


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


If you want to suppress monitoring for some CICS transactions.

You can include them in CTRANOPT dynamically, or PARMLIB member and specify notranlog, nosmf, nothresh





Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


For the suppression of transactions on the CTASKS screen in Sysview, there is no other way then to specify the SELECT statement..
The description of the screen also says:

The CICS Active Tasks screen displays information about active and suspended tasks.    

By default it will display all active and suspended tasks.. Even if they are not monitored.. 
Also, when comparing screens, like the LISTCICS and compare it with the CTASKS screens the numbers will not match..
The LISTCICS screen keeps a running total of 'all CICS' transactions.  And if this doesnt match the once in the CTASKS display, then there would some questions raised..
Further, if a transaction suppressed was causing issues within the CICS region, then this wasnt displayed on the CTASKS screen..   Because it wasnt displayed by the suppression...


For the suppression of a transaction in Sysview you have 2 options..
Even if you set the NOTHRESH option in the CTRANOPT parmlib member for this transaction, there are no further actions taken against these CICS transactions..
However these transactions can still be seen in the CTASKS screen.
The only way to suppress them also on the CTASKS screen, is specify a SELECT TRAN NE xxxx   in the CTASKS screen...
Creating a new format of the panel and add the SELECT statement in the screen format definition..

Additional Information

See the SELECT statement in the manual, or enter HELP SELECT on the Sysview screen, or check the manual at: