Cloning SYSVIEW THRESHOLD definitions
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Cloning SYSVIEW THRESHOLD definitions


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Is there any way to copy current threshold definitions from a Sysview region and transfer them to another one?


Release : 16.0
Component : SYSVIEW


First, check how SYSVIEW is started: WARM or COLD.

If COLD start is used then all definitions are taken from parmlib members (CTHRESH, MVSTHRSH, IMSTHRSH, TCPTHRSH, and MQSTHRSH) and just copy those members from hlq.CNM4BPRM library and transfer to the same library on another LPAR, recycle SYSVIEW COLD.  

If SYSVIEW starts WARM, then all definitions are stored under the persistence data library (DATALIB). This means that definitions from pamlib members might be different comparing to the actual ones, for example, because someone made changes online, and it's fine because all changes will be stored in DATALIB and read from there, if SYSVIEW will be restarted because of WARM start. In this case, to clone/copy then the below steps might be taken. 

  1. Allocate a PDS
  2. On the source LPAR issue DLLIST cmd 
  3. Export definitions to the PDS that were allocated in step 1 
  4. Transfer the PDS will all data (each member will represent the threshold for CTHRESH, MVSTHRSH etc.)
  5. On the second LPAR Issue DLLIST cmd
  6. Import definition 

To Export and Import from DLLIST, use line commands E and I in front of the DataId entry (CTHRESH, MVSTHRSH, IMSTHRSH, TCPTHRSH, and MQSTHRSH)

Additional Information

For additional information, use the SYSVIEW HELP