CTRANLOG is not showing CPU TIME on cics transactions.
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CTRANLOG is not showing CPU TIME on cics transactions.


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Sysview Is canceling tasks due CPUTime threshold. The task CPUTime consumption is monitored correctly by Sysview which issues a FORCEPURGE request as per the CTHRESH/CTRANCAN settings. The  FORCEPURGE request is followed by a GSV100W message containing the CPUTime clocked by the task, and subsequent GSVC157I, GSVC101I, and GSVC102I messages which record the purging. However, by displaying the CTRANLOG records for the purged tasks none of the records contain any CPUTime data. 

For example:

Transaction Overview -----------------------------------------------------

LPAR Name       : xxxx              Start Date/Time : 14/06/22 04:05:52
SMF ID          : xxxx              End Date/Time   : 14/06/22 04:05:52  
Applid          : appleid           Life Time       : 0.005596           
Jobname         : jobname           CPU Time        :   
CICS Release    : TS 5.6 (7.3)      Dispatch Time   :         
Transaction ID  : ABCD              Suspend Time    :      
Task Number     : 257               Delay Time      :     

Additionally, other data in the DFHGroup - DFHTASK section are not recorded as well.

For example:

DFHGroup - DFHTASK ------------------------------------------------------

Description                              Value                           
001 Transaction ID                       ABCD                           
004 Transaction type                     SD                              
007 User-task dispatch time              0.000000                       
008 User-task CPU time                   0.000000                      
014 User-task suspend time               0.000000                       
059 Interval control requests            0                              
102 Dispatch wait time                   0.000000                       
123 Task global ENQ delay time           0.000000                       
125 Dispatch delay time (1st)            0.000000                       
126 Dispatch delay TRANCLASS             0.000000                       
127 Dispatch delay MXT                   0.000000                       
128 Lock manager delay time              0.000000                       
129 Task enqueue delay time              0.000000             

Note : The CTRANLOG records with missing CPUtime data abended with AD2R abend


Release : 15.0

Component : SYSVIEW


The information displayed by the CTRANLOG command is obtained from the SMF 110 record.

If the CTRANLOG records do not contain CPUTime data and/or Dispatch Time, Suspend Time … this is because this information was not available in the SMF 110 records either.