Data repository catalog partition on all DRs is 90% full.
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Data repository catalog partition on all DRs is 90% full.


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Since upgrading to vertica 10.x we notice that the catalog directory is filling up.

How can we verify the settings for the vertica logrotate tool.


Release : 21.2

Component : Vertica


Vertica 10.x vertica.log is more detailed than in 9.x.

There is a lot of default logging associated with the Odata API calls.

So it may be necessary to adjust the settings for logrotate in your environment.


The cronjob for logrotate is set up automatically when you install vertica.

But the actual settings are configurable for your business needs.

The current run-time settings are stored in flat files in:


drdata shows the settings for vertica.log


To change the settings you would use the adminTools command:




Additional Information

Configure Log Rotation for the Data Repository

NOTE - a typical catalog directory is expected to be 100g.

You can add more if you need to keep more logs or for a longer time.