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Replace of a Jobs in a workflow the prompset values are reinitialized


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When working with workflow templates, if we add some values in a prompset of a JOBS and then we replace this JOBS by another JOBS having the same Prompset, the values are not kept and need to be filled again.

This occurs in version 12.3 and 21.x, but in version 12.2 the values were kept.

Is this normal behavior?


Release : 12.3.x and superior

Component : Automic Web Interface


This is now working correct, and can be considered as an error in the previous versions.
The issue is that a prompset is always tied to a JOB, not a task in the workflow. If you do a replace with a Job that uses a different promptset, you would now have different variables/values, which doesn't make any sense.

This might lead to orphan objects, or variables from the old promptset being used or overwriting values defined in the Workflow itself which might lead to inconsistent and wrong behavior.
That's why the current behavior is now correct.