Spectrum to VNA integration: Management IP in Spectrum changes
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Spectrum to VNA integration: Management IP in Spectrum changes


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CA Spectrum


I activated a VNA instance with a configured VeloCloud Plugin which caused a couple of issues.

 VNA 21.2.9 with Spectrum 21.2.8 in development area.

  1. Management IP in Spectrum changes - after the customer discovers VNA - to a management IP of another device ( the devices belong to different enterprises, but they belong to the same vlan)
  1. An event showing a wrong IP address and edge name from another device.



Release : 21.2

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Spectrum


The customers discovered SNMP for some Edge routers. Then they discovered VNA. But in their environment there are 2 edge routers which have the same VLAN IP address and one of 2 these IP addresses supports SNMP. So Spectrum discovered this IP: and changed Management IP into it.


The customer is not going to be using SNMP at all, so is not affected.

If this problem occurs when SNMP is enabled either for any customer, please provide all necessary logs below and open a new case.

Additional Information

2 methods to change the log level and to get OC messages. 

1) Go to the following location:
Enter the administrator credentials.

2) Go to Configuration -> Subsystems -> Logging -> Configuration -> View -> CATEGORIES.
Select SOUTHBOUND_UPDATES > edit > Select TRACE (from Level dropdown). After enabling SOUTHBOUND_UPDATES log level to TRACE, VNA will log the dump of polled data that is sent from the Open Collector to the Broker to /opt/CA/VNA/debug

3) Wait for 24h, zip up and the content of the folders "/opt/CA/VNA/debug"

4) After collecting logs revert back the log level to INFO for SOUTHBOUND_UPDATES

follow these steps to change log level 
1. SSH to VNA server
2. cd /opt/CA/VNA/wildfly/bin/
3. bash jboss-cli.sh --connect
4. /subsystem=logging/logger=SOUTHBOUND_UPDATES:change-log-level(level=TRACE)
5. /subsystem=logging/logger=SOUTHBOUND_UPDATES:write-attribute(name="level", value="TRACE")
6.  wait for 24 hours
7. /subsystem=logging/logger=SOUTHBOUND_UPDATES:change-log-level(level=INFO)
8. /subsystem=logging/logger=SOUTHBOUND_UPDATES:write-attribute(name="level", value="INFO")
9. exit