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Alert red metric value line being shown on a MOI Green Highway during EWMA or learning mode


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Mainframe Operational Intelligence


The Case issue which questioned a metric Sev1 red alert line on the Green Highway UI when in learning or EWMA mode is working as designed.   

Please review the Resolution section below for more information. 



Release : 2.1



The Case issue was raised due to a metric Sev 1 red alert line being shown on a Green Highway while in EWMA or learning mode.  An actual Sev1 alert on the Green Highway UI is not created when in learning or EWMA mode as per the MOI product documentation.   The Sev 1 red metric line is being displayed for both KDE and EWMA regardless of which algorithm the model build is in and is working as designed. 


Note that the use of the EWMA Green Highway's for any analysis is discouraged as it can vary wildly while learning the normal data values.  Very unpredictable results!!!  The recommendation is that any Customer please wait for the model to begin KDE or learned mode that occurs after a couple of weeks of metric data flow and after the model begins producing alerts before becoming concerned and reporting an alerting issue.