Unable to install DCS Agent version 6.9.1 on RHEL 8
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Unable to install DCS Agent version 6.9.1 on RHEL 8


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Data Center Security Server Advanced


DCS 6.9.1 Agent interactive installation fails with the following error:

The /opt filesystem does not have sufficient available disk space. Please choose a directory which has at least XXXX MB free disk space. 


Release : 6.9.1

Component : Agent Linux


This is a known issue that only occurs in the interactive installation type when default installation parameters are modified such 

-disableFim           <- Disable Real-Time File Integrity Monitoring. (Default is Enabled)
-disableIps           <- Disable Intrusion Prevention. (Default is Enabled)
-disableAmd           <- Disable Antimalware feature (On-demand and Real time auto protection).
-disableAp            <- Disable Real time auto protection.


As a workaround please install DCS agent in the silent mode. 

Silent installation can be used instead to workaround the issue:

./agent-linux-<OS_PLATFORM>.bin -silent -server=<DCS_MANAGEMENT_SERVER_FQDN> -cert=/var/tmp/agent-cert.ssl

The list of all additional silent switches can be found in DCS Planning and Deployment Guide in the link below: