VNA upgrade to 21.2.11 fails due the keystore password
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VNA upgrade to 21.2.11 fails due the keystore password


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CA Virtual Network Assurance DX NetOps


The upgrade from VNA 21.2.6 to 21.2.11 have failed with the following error:

Failed to retrieve the keystore password : (0)
A problem occurred during installation (install directory not deleted). Backing up to /opt/CA/software/CA_VNA_Install_bak

what are the steps to fix this and resume the upgrade?



Release : 21.2.11

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Performance Management


Defect: DE537678
Only when VNA is configured with HTTPS


This issue has been fixed in DX Netops VNA 21.2.12 and later:

21.2.12 Fixed Issues:

Symptom: VNA upgrades from 21.2.6 to 21.2.11 fail due the keystore password.
Resolution: With this fix, backward compatibility has been added for plain password, along with encrypted password.
(21.2.12, DE537678, 33139733)


Additional Information


Assuming the attached script ( with the with fix is copied to /tmp and installer launched from /tmp 
- After upgrade failure, VNA installer creates below file and folder in /tmp
- Rename CA_VNA_Install_bak to CA_VNA_Install (assuming pwd is /tmp)
  mv CA_VNA_Install_bak CA_VNA_Install
- Goto CA_VNA_Install/install_modules
  a. Make a note of file permissions for
  b. Copy the attached script to the CA_VNA_Install/install_modules and replace the existing file
     cp CA_VNA_Install/install_modules 
  c. update the file permissions note in step a.
- Run the

Attachments get_app