Replacement Monitoring Point - Post RMA instructions
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Replacement Monitoring Point - Post RMA instructions


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AppNeta DX NetOps


Upon receiving your replacement device from our RMA program, the next steps will be to reconnect your new hardware.  Please have a look at the following details.


1. Physically Connect the replacement device 

2. Once the monitoring point is online and connected to the AppNeta Portal, you are able to use the Migration tool to migrate the Delivery and Web Paths from your old appliance to the new appliance (optional).

    • This requires Administrator privileges, and will allow you to facilitate the process of moving the Delivery and Web Path data from your old appliance to the new appliance.

Instructions for the Migrate Monitoring feature: 

    • Licensing changes should be automated and not require any additional changes.  Please contact support if you have any questions.

3. Once you’ve successfully connected the replacement monitoring point, please proceed to return your defective appliance (as required based on the model of defective appliance). 
You can reuse the packaging from the replacement device, and the provided return shipping label.  


*Please note that legacy appliances such as M25 or M35 - do not need to be returned and can be disposed of through electronic recycling. 


Additional Information

AppNeta have announced on January 30 2023 that the M25, M35 and R45 Monitoring Points will be End of Life on Jan 31, 2024.

The direct replacement for an M25 or M35 device would be a M50.  The direct replacement for an R45 would be an R90.  In some instances, other models may be recommended for replacement.