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A "Number" type field in Clarity Portlets


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Clarity PPM SaaS


A “Number” Data Type field in a portlet (OOTB or Custom) in Clarity allows User’s to configure the Display Type to “Number” or “Percent” among other options.

For example, a value of “14000” in a “Number” Data Type field is displaying “14000” when the Display Type selected is “Number”, when the Display Type changed to  “Percent”, it is displaying “14000%”.  My question is should it do implicit percentage conversion and display the value as “140%” when “Percent” is selected as Display Type?


Create an attribute >> datatype as number >> Validation range
When I change the display type as percent, It just keeps same value with % added to it

Create another attribute >> datatype as number >> Validation range >> show as percent
It gives the desired results.



Release : 16.0.0

Component :CLARITY


Show as Percent: Indicates if the value entered in the field displays as a percent.

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