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Primary backup successful but failed to sync with Secondary SpectroServer


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CA Spectrum


We are facing DB Sync issues in our Spectrum environment. Our OLB runs every day successfully however DB Sync is failing with Secondary SpectroServer.



Release : 21.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


RCPD.OUT shows

Jun 10 00:00:51 : Starting file transfer using 8388608 byte TCP receive socket b uffer.

Jun 10 00:00:54 : Successfully received .ft_save_file.SSdb.gz

Jun 10 00:00:54 : The SpectroSERVER is not running, performing database sync only.

Jun 10 00:00:54 : Uncompressing the database file...success.

Jun 10 00:00:57 : Running SSdbload on the uncompressed database file...FAILED. Response ticket :

Running the ssdbload manually on the secondary or looking in the SSdbload.log we see:

Database already locked by: <Spectrum_onstall_owner>,
                by process: ./SSdbsave,
             by process ID: 20239,
           on network node: <SS name>,
          which started at: 12/13/2019_13:58:41.

SPC-DBS-20083: Error:  Unable to open the database.


ps -ef | grep -i 20239 shows no such process so there is nothing to kill.

Restarting the server resolved the problem.