Team Status capacity not adding up
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Team Status capacity not adding up


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When viewing the Team Status page, there appears to be a discrepancy between the total capacity listed at the top of the page and the actual sum of the users' capacity in the team member list.



There are two causes for this

  • The Team Status page will recursively sum the capacity from sub-projects.
  • The user is disabled yet still listed as a team member on the project.


Totals from sub-projects

If the points do not calculate due to capacity from sub-projects rolling up into the total, then uncheck Child Projects from the project dropdown


Totals from disabled users

If the totals are inaccurate due to disabled users that are still team members then please perform the following steps

1. First get the project object ID from the address bar by following the KB linked here:
2. Next, get the name of the iteration that the points are summing incorrectly for
3. Use the numeric object ID and the iteration name and update the highlighted fields in the following API query with their respective values: = <PROJECT_OID>) AND (Iteration.Name = "<ITERATION NAME>"))&fetch=Capacity,User,UserName,Disabled

4. This will download a CSV file listing the users that have capacity assigned for that iteration and includes a column indicating if they are disabled
5. Locate the user that is disabled and remove their Team Member checkbox from the project where the capacity is incorrectly added