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In Xflow searching for tickets via number is not always displayed first


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CA Service Desk Manager



The tickets search result is not in order in Xflow if there is prefix added for ticket number


-> Go to Administration -> Requests/Incidents/Problems -> Sequence Numbers -> Request/Incident/Problem Num Sequence and add a Prefix as Req-

-> Now create few tickets so that the ticket number will have prefix of Req-.

-> Login to Xflow and search for the tickets by giving full number ex: req-176/req-179

-> The ticket result is not at the top but at different order everytime.


Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - xFlow


Please follow below steps in solving the issue:

1. Go to CA/SC/CASearchServer/search/config/mappings.json and change the following properties.
2. Under sdm_index_cr node, change the index property from analyzed to not_analyzed for summary and description nodes and remove the analyzer property
3. Rebuild the ES Index
4. Go to searchmicroservice/conf/application.conf and perform the following changes
5. Uncomment(Remove #) line 118 ([ref_num, summary, description]) and remove summary and description. 
This step requires some experimentation to yield perfect results. Search for node and under the searchQuery property for this node, tune up the minimum_should_match property to somewhere between 70-80%. This should narrow down the searches to yield better results.
6. Restart the xFlow Services.


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