API-1007 error on Project Staffing Conversations
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API-1007 error on Project Staffing Conversations


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When staffing a project, the project manager might have the need to notify a resource outside the project team, using the "@" to identify that person through the Staffing conversations.

When trying this, I get the error message: API-1007 : You are not authorized to process request. Contact your system administrator for necessary security rights.

What access right is required to use the Staffing conversations?


The Staffing Plan - Navigate right is missing at user level


How the Staffing Conversations currently work. 

The Staff Conversations module on the Details Fly-out is used where allocation records appear:

Staffing Plan (telescopic) Workspace 
Staffing Workspace 
STAFF Module 
To create an @mention, the list of all target users is based on the user having the 'Staffing Plan - Navigate' access

The current query has a restriction for only people that have access to the 'Staffing Plan' workspace. The current lookup query gives a list of ALL resources that have this 'staffing plan' navigate right. It is not currently filtering out resources that I don't have 'resource - view' access 

There is a user story in progress to change the behavior on an upcoming release:

To create an @mention, the list of active users should be based on the access the current user has to view resources in the system 
The target active, person should be available in the @mention list without having the Staffing or Staffing Plan Navigation rights