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Upgrade on same server


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CA Workload Automation AE


We have 2 instances on a server, we would like to upgrade it to R12 on same server, please suggest how to proceed.


Release : 12.0

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


Regarding your latest question about the in place upgrade in your pre prod environment,

Please find below the steps you will need to apply for the in-place upgrade to AutoSys R12 version :

The most important point for an in-place upgrade will be to take a complete backup before the upgrade.

1. You will first need to Stop all the WAAE Services before taking the backup.

2. Then take a complete backup of all the installation files and directories. This step is not mandatory.

The R12 installation procedure takes a backup of the installation files. However you may want to take your own backup.

3. In case your WAAE Server is on a Virtual Machine, an alternate solution is to take a Snapshot of the Virtual Machine.

4.When the WAAE databases are “Local” running on the same server as AutoSys, the Snapshot will back up the databases.

5. Otherwise in case the WAAE databases are on a “Remote” database Server, you will need to make sure to take a backup of the databases with the WAAE Services Stopped at the first step.

6. Once the backup of the installation files and directories and databases is completed, you can upload the R12 installation media on your pre prod and perform the in place upgrade.

7. In case of any problems during the upgrade, you will need to use the backup of the installation files and directories and databases to restore.


You can consult the following documentation page for more information :

Upgrade AutoSys