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Disk Space requirements for OPMS 2022.02.008


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


The OPMS  document is saying  least 1GB for /tmp at least 50GB for /opt however on running the installation  out of disk space on /var issue came . This seems to be due to the docker images that are required by the OPMS.

Below is the detailed breakdown of the space requirements so that a partitioned file system  can be sized correctly.



Release : SAAS

Component :


Disk space needed
the recommended way is not to partition the disk to leverage the full disk capacity as needed. However, if the disk must be partitioned, this is the minimum that has to be reserved for special folders:
/tmp: 2 GB
/var/log: 2 GB
/tmp: 2 GB
/var/lib/docker: 20 GB
/opt/asm: 40 GB
The /opt/asm directory is the place where all the assets are stored (videos, screenshots, har files, etc.) and the more agents are running on the station the more space is needed.
Directory /var/lib/docker may grow with every OPMS upgrade. However, it is safe to stop all services on the station, delete this directory and start all services again. This action can be performed before or after the upgrade. All the images will be pulled automatically (several giga bytes), delay in the first start of all docker based agents is expected, monit may even report failures if the agents are not up and running within 20 minutes.