NetOps Portal On-Demand Report Copy function does not copy
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NetOps Portal On-Demand Report Copy function does not copy


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In DX NetOps Performance Management PC Portal web UI the On-Demand Report Copy function is not working. It modifies the existing report instead of creating a new copy.

User navigates to On-Demand reports; User selects a report created/owned by themselves and selects "Copy"; The report editing interface appears as expected.  The user applies a unique "Name", makes some other adjustments to the report and clicks "Save".  The report is saved as expected, however instead of creating another report with the new name and maintaining the original report, the original report selected for "Copy"  is now overwritten with the new name.

The user can select a report created/owned by another user with results as expected.  The original report is maintained and the copied report is now available under the copied name. Is this behavior by design or bug (known or otherwise)?

Copied On-Demand report doesn't create a copy.

On-Demand Report Copy option doesn't work.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases 20.2.1 and newer


Triggered by edits beyond just a Name change for the report after selecting Copy. Any changes other than Name during the Copy phase.


Resolved via defect ID DE537613 in the 22.2.2 release of DX NetOps Performance Management. Upgrade to that release when it is made available.

The workaround available until upgrading to 22.2.2 is to ONLY modify the copied report Name value.

  1. Select the existing report to copy.
  2. Select Copy.
  3. Set the Name value ONLY.
    1. Do not set or modify any other value.
    2. This should generate a new report entry with the Name set.
  4. Once the new copy with new Name value is listed select it, then select Edit to change other values.

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Last Updated: June 25th, 2022 @ 2:00 PM ET